Receive 1 Gutter Pump installed ($30 value) with gutter cleaning service.

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Biodegradable soap.

Ettore’s new contour squeegees 

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Pane In The Glass uses a thirty foot titanium pole extension with an Unger water brush. The yellow hoses connect to a long yellow hose which is attached to the titanium section pole. The water connects to your garden hose and allows the water to flow up the pole and out of the Unger brush. A special attachment allows soap to be mixed with the water. This combination allows solar panels and very high windows to be accessed. Pane In The Glass Window And Gutter Cleaning uses the latest in technology to keep the quality of our service above all others.

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 Mark Simitz contributes articles for This Old House: 

“Highest marks for quality and reliability” Diablo Magazine’s Survey. “Best Service Company” 

The Gutter Pump is the best gutter insert for your gutters! One free Gutter Pump with every gutter cleaning. Gutter cleaning service for gutters not downspouts or drains! We are the Bay Area’s largest distributor of The Gutter Pump. 

 The Gutter Pump has received the following awards and recognition: “Best of Show – Colorado”
QVC’s “Quest for America’s Best”
50 in 50 Tour Colorado’s Most Innovative New Products Award
Home & Garden – Outdoor catagory
The Denver Business Journal Award of Distinction for the Marketing of Innovative Products
Do-It-Yourself Retailing Magazine
National Hardware Show, Chicago, Illinois Awarded U.S. Patent in 2000
U.S. Patent #6,035,580 

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The Gutter Pump is a device which allows the water in your gutters to flow through The Gutter Pump and into your downspout.  Works even with leaves and debris in the gutters. Mention this online ad for one free Gutter Pump with gutter cleaning service. $30 value.

How does The Gutter Pump work?

 The Gutter Pump draws the water through the pump and into the downspout. Watch the leaves as they are get sucked to The Gutter Pump. The Gutter Pump works even when the leaves and debris cover it. Contact us today and get your Gutter Pump installed.The Gutter Pump fits inside your gutter. Part of The Gutter Pump goes into your downspout. The design of The Gutter Pump allows water to flow through the device while blocking leaves and debris. The Gutter Pump has no mechanical parts. The best way to understand how it works is as follows. Fill you sink up with water and submerge your glass with water. Turn your glass upside down and slowly lift the bottom of the glass above the water line. Notice when you pull the bottom of the glass out of the water there is still water in the glass even though the glass is above the water line. The Gutter Pump works in reverse. Water on the bottom of your gutter is drained by The Gutter Pump through your downspout.